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November/December 2020



Book Club (postponed)

December 15 at Noon

Holiday Meeting on Zoom

January 20th

Vitalant Blood Drive

Co-Presidents' Message

From the desks of Alice Huang and Tricia Hunstock

Dear Alliance Members,

We dedicate this issue of the SSVMSA Newsletter to THANK YOU  for your long time support of the SSVMSA and the dedication that your support goes towards improving community health in the Greater Sacramento community!

Special thanks to Linda Meyers and Mary Sosa, who lead the wonderful volunteers of the Art of Medicine Committee. They poured in untold hours of hard work and made this important fundraiser a success to provide continued funding for our community giving projects!

Thank you for those of you who have supported our annual Holiday Sharing Card fundraiser that benefits our Community Endowment Fund and scholarships. Thank you to our HSC Chairs Paula Cameto and Debbie Wills!

Kim Majetich, our Community Health Chair, heads the Pandemic Special Committee. They have been identifying special projects for the Alliance to support people most affected by the pandemic. Please join this committee in helping to support the needs of the Sacramento community.

We cordially invite you to attend out Holiday Meeting. In lieu of a luncheon, we are holding the meeting on Zoom. Please RSVP on the website for the Zoom link.

Happy holidays to you and your family!

Sending warm wishes,

Alice Huang and Tricia Hunstock

SSVMSA Holiday Meeting 

Tuesday, December 15th

at Noon on Zoom

We cordially invited you to join our Holiday Meeting, on Zoom this year! 

Our Speaker is Nathan McGill, Principal of Ethel I. Baker School.

Art of Medicine 2020 was a huge success! We are pleased to report that the Exhibition weekend and the subsequent week of bidding has proved to be very profitable. To what extent, we will share later when the calculations are complete. 

We didn’t do this alone. In fact, a Team of dedicated individuals working collaboratively over these past 19 months made AOM 2020 possible. Each individual contributed in their own special way to the event. Collectively, they are the force that continued to inspire us. When it became clear in March that we must postpone, and that substantial changes to our format were necessary, it was this Team’s collaborative spirit, encouragement, and enthusiasm that made it possible for us overcome the barriers that COVID-19 presented. We are so very grateful to have had the benefit of this Team’s hard work, innovative ideas, willingness to forge ahead, and their patience with the ever-changing environment.

We extend a very special thank you to:  Barbara Andras, Carol Bargar, Elizabeth Battaglia, Sue Brownridge, Paula Cameto, Celeste Chin, Kathy Greenhalgh, Alice Huang, Joseph Jacobs, Wylyd Lain, Kim Majetich, Jerilyn, Marr, Glenda Morris, Gabby Neubuerger, Ann Parsons, Joan Rice, Patty Roberts, Diane Vanderpot, and Debbie Wills.

We also want to extend a special shout out to the following:

To Gabby Neubuerger and Sue Brownridge, we offer our gratitude. Your guidance all along the way kept us moving forward always in the most positive and productive manner. Your sense of how to display the art and your hard work making that happen the day prior to the Exhibition was invaluable to us.

We extend a special thank you to Aileen Wetzel, Executive Director, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society. From the very beginning, and particularly now in this unprecedented time, Aileen granted our every request with enthusiastic support and encouragement.

To Joseph Jacobs we are indebted. Joseph spent countless hours to help navigate and build the GiveSmart platform, develop our beautiful program, and keep our SSVMSA website up to date. We thank you, Joseph, your time, talent, and expertise. 

For Sam Mello’s talents and time, we are very grateful. Sam took time to answer our
questions, hear our ideas, and then transformthem into the highest quality media and print marketing materials.

We thank Addison Gabelich who, granted our last-minute request to design a beautiful one-page feature ad for the November issue of Medicine and made sure we were included in all of the Society’s social media blasts.

Thank you to Chris Stincelli, Associate Director, SSMVS, who never complained no matter how many times we interrupted her work asking for access to the building.

To the Board of Directors of Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society, we express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your sponsorship in support of our mission to improve the health of the Sacramento community.

The formula for a successful Gift Gathering Party is hours of preparation and a welcoming home. We want to recognize and thank our two host families for opening their homes in support of Art of Medicine 2020. In the Fall of 2019, President Alice Huang and her husband, Dr. Pei-Hsiu Huang, hosted the inaugural Gift Gathering Party in their lovely East Sacramento home. What a beautiful beginning. Thank you, Alice and Pei-Hsiu! Then, early in 2020, before life as we knew it changed, Celeste and John Chin, hosted a second Gift Gathering Party in their beautiful Arden Oaks home. A perfect close to our gift gathering season. Thank you, Celeste and John!.

We owe a boatload of thanks to our sponsors and auction item donors. Finally, we thank everyone who participated during the Exhibition weekend and subsequent Gala Week as a buyer, a bidder, and/or a nursing scholarship donor.  You brought it to a successful close!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Mary and Linda

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SSVMSA Members New & Old Join Us!

The Nominating Committee continues it’s effort to create a Board of Directors for the coming year that includes some fresh faces and ideas to join our experienced leadership.  Several positions remain open at this time…Please give this opportunity some serious consideration.  This is a chance to not only serve your community, but make some lasting friendships and rekindle some old ones.  Please contact Sue Brownridge, committee chair at  0r 916-955-7753 committee chair, if you would like to discuss Board positions, or if you would like to nominate someone you know.

Thank you from the 2020 Nominating Committee:

Sue Brownridge, Alice Huang, Linda Meyers, Gabby Neubuerger, Patty Roberts, Mary Sosa, and Diane Vanderpot.

Book Club

Due to COVID 19 and the need to be outside, the book club has adapted by being more flexible with it's meeting times and limiting the meetings to 8 people.   Due to colder weather the Book  Club will determine dates via email. To RSVP for future dates, contact Mariann Fischer:

Upcoming Books


5 SOUTH by Steve Skinner (Husband of SSVMSA Member Marilyn Skinner)

Community Health Pandemic Committee

Please join this special committee to help identify ways that the SSVMSA can support the Greater Sacramento Community in this pandemic. Please email for participate in ongoing discussions.


Linsey Chan Marr

Nationally recognized expert Linsey Chan Marr  (daughter of SSVMSA member, Jerilyn Marr) is an American scientist who is the Charles P. Lunsford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. Her research considers the interaction of nanomaterials and viruses with the atmosphere. During theCOVID-19 pandemic, Marr studied how  airborne pathogens could be transported in air.

Marr studied engineering at Harvard University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Her graduate studies were at UC Berkeley.  Her doctoral research considered how ozone levels were impacted by transport, Throughout the pandemic, Marr has provided advice to the general public about the transmission of airborne viruses, and how they interacted with and survived on surfaces.

Click on the link below to see Linsey Marr's video "Airbourne Transmission of COVID-19: How it works and How we can protect ourselves.

Click Here to Watch Video


PSA #MaskUp

The SSVMS has launched a PSA encouraging the general public to #MaskUp.  The PSA focuses on reopening our businesses and schools quickly and safely. 

Please help us make our public health campaign go “viral” by sharing the video on your personal social media pages and asking your friends and family to do the same.




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